Review: Jamais Vu by Monique O’Connor James

Jamais Vu by Monique O'Connor James

Title: Jamais Vu

Author: Monique O’Connor James

Publisher: Astraea Press

Format: E-book ($.99 at the time of this review)

Pages: 227 pages

Release Date: October 3, 2011

Genre: Paranormal

Available at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Astraea Press

Summary: Darby Lambert had the picture perfect life — a wealthy family, a nice car, a good education, a successful, good-looking boyfriend, a bright future. But one bullet threw her whole life, her whole existence, careening out of control.

Somewhere between death and life, Darby meets a man who sends her back to help people escape an untimely death. She sees these the deaths of these people in her dreams. One of these people is the talented musician, Kasey, who is in danger of overdosing on drugs.

The immediate connection between Darby and Kasey draws them into each other’s lives. Darby tries to convince Kasey to kick his drug habit, all the while running from demons of her own.

The author takes the reader on a journey with the main character from her “death”, through her efforts to save people who have come to hold a prominent place in her life. Unfortunately, there are forces working against her that seem to be winning.

Review: This is a tough one for me to review because it’s unlike anything I’ve read before. It is definitely a rare style of writing, and the author does it well. I love it’s unique flavor and imaginitive plot.

The writing is fantastic. The reader’s attention is captured from the very beginning, and the plot is built slowly for the first two-thirds of the book, continually adding more intricacies to the conflict. The author does a good job developing the main character throughout her traumatic recovery, eventually bringing her to a full self-awareness.

The last third of the story moves fast. So fast, that when the end comes, you might sit there for a few minutes to digest what just happened. It’s a thinker.

Recommendation: It might not be for everyone, because it is a bit of a wild ride through the main character’s stream of consciousness. From what I understand, the second book in the series brings it all together, so the questions you are left with at the end of Jamais Vu are answered in Deja Vu. If you’re not afraid to try something new and different in your reading repertoire, you are in for an amazing trip.  I give Jamais Vu a rating of four quills:

four quills


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