Fairy Tales

Many fairy tale princesses share a common humility. They are often mistreated in some way, but rise above the challenges of their abuse or curse. It is really this trait that makes them so admirable—not that they are damsels in distress who need rescuing by the knight in shining armor or the handsome prince who happens to be riding by on a white horse. It is their humility and perseverance that makes them worthy of the hero’s chivalry.

Not the least of these fairy tale princesses is Snow White. She has not a whit of vanity, though she is the fairest in all the land. She never holds a grudge, though her step-mother sends her out in the woods with a man who means to murder her. She doesn’t complain when she is forced into hiding with a group of seven slovenly bachelors, but cooks and cleans and sews for them as if she has done manual labor all her life.

In most fairy tales, you rarely get a clear picture of the hero. He’s a sidenote—necessary to the happy ending, but not a dynamic character. Yet, for some reason, he gets the glory of being the hero. The savior of the damsel. But is the princess who is the real hero. Her courage in the face of adversity, her indomitable spirit in the midst of trial, and her determination in the face of abuse—these are the things that make the fairy tale princess someone to aspire to imitate. It is the inner beauty that truly makes her heroic.

Saphyre Snow by Marcia Lynn McClure is a novel length re-telling of the tale of Snow White. In honor of the Fairy Tale Giveaway Hop and fairy tale princesses everywhere, this will be the featured book for this leg of your journey.

Saphyre Snow

From the Back Cover:

Descended of a legendary line of strength and beauty, Saphyre Snow had once known happiness as princess of the Kingdom of Graces. Once a valiant king had ruled in wisdom—once a loving mother had spoken soft words of truth to her daughter. Yet, a strange madness had poisoned great minds—a strange fever inviting Lord Death to linger. Soon it was even Lord Death sought to claim Saphyre Snow for his own—and all Saphyre loved seemed lost.

Thus, Saphyre fled—forced to leave all familiars for necessity of preserving her life. Alone, and without provision, Saphyre knew Lord Death might yet claim her—for how could a princess hope to best the Reaper himself?

Still, fate often provides rescue by extraordinary venues, and Saphyre was not delivered into the hands of Death—but into the hands of those hiding dark secrets in the depths of bruised and bloody souls. Saphyre knew a measure of hope and asylum in the company of these battered vagabonds. Even she knew love—a secreted love—a forbidden love. Yet it was love itself—even held secret—that would again summon Lord Death to hunt the princess, Saphyre Snow.

To be entered in the drawing for an electronic copy of Saphyre Snow by Marcia Lynn McClure, leave a comment for me about which fairy tale princess you admire most and why (Be sure to leave contact information, so I can alert the winner.).
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28 Responses to “Fairy Tales”

  1. Red Headed Bookworm

    Beauty, because she doesn’t just judge on outward appearances. Well, she does at first, but once she gets to know him, she doesn’t care!
    Heather at Red Headed Bookworm
    hschrock24112 at yahoo dot com

  2. debbie

    I like the princess and the pea. She was sassy, and was different from the other princesses.

  3. Shauna

    Belle. She’s able to look past the physical and itno the heart

  4. LaRonda Atchison

    I think I most admired Cinderella, because though she was treated badly by her step mother and step sisters, she persevered and in the end, she was the one who’s dreams came true.

  5. Kimberly

    I most admire Cinderella, how she was able to handle her awful stepmother and her stepsisters. At least she got a handsome prince for all her troubles 😀


  6. Kathryn @ Clean Teen Fiction

    I admire Snow White because she enjoys to clean. I wish I did. Maybe I need some magical forest animals to help. 🙂

  7. Jessica Grey (@_JessicaGrey)

    I’m a fan of the princess in Thousand Furs…she has all the fun Cinderella type stuff like balls and dresses, but she’s much proactive and diy. Thanks! jessica@authorjessicagrey.com

  8. Kris Ellsworth (@dancetechie)

    I love Princess Florecita from the book “Princess Florecita and the Iron Shoes” by John Warren Stewig. What great strength and kindness she possesses. secretpearls(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. Tobi

    I love Aurora for Sleeping Beauty Disney Version she’s not your typical princess they had back when they made it and growing up.

  10. Bridget Howard

    As a little girl I loved Odette from the Swan Princess. I always thought that she was beautiful on the inside and out!!!

  11. alicia marie ezell (@bamayankee)

    i’m gonna go by the new rapunzel in tangled. she does everything for herself and doesn’t just sit around waiting for her prince to save her.

  12. leeanna c (@leaflette)

    Right now, I’m big on Cinderella, because I liked the retellings ASH and CINDER so much. maurapedia at gmail.com

  13. Mac

    Definitely Rapunzel in Tangled. Who doesn’t like a girl with spunk who hits the “prince charming” on the head with frying pans? Muahaha 🙂 Go girl!
    greenfantasia at yahoo dot com

  14. Becky LovestoRead

    I would say Cinderella. She was always willing to help others, and was postive and sweet.

    GFC Becky Weiner

  15. Gale Nelson

    Belle from the Beauty and the Beast because to her looks didn’t matter it was what was on the inside that counted.
    Gale Nelson

    • scribblesonthebackofjanuary

      Congratulations, Gale! You won the giveaway! I’ll be contacting you shortly. 🙂

  16. mariahoverlock

    Cinderella, because when her circumstances stunk she actually did something about it.

  17. mariahoverlock

    Cinderella because when her circumstances stunk she actually did something about it.

  18. Laura (@BurgandyIce)

    Sweet prize!!!

    My fav is The Little Mermaid ’cause she aims for something impossible and doesn’t make it. (Hans Christian Anderson). I think I just loved the way she aimed so high and went for it. I guess I like the ache of not making it, too… not sure what that says about me!!!!

  19. Lexie@BookBug

    Awesome giveaway! I love Marcia McClure!
    My favorite princess is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. See my giveaway post for all the reasons why! http://thebookbug-hogan.blogspot.com/2012/04/fairy-tale-giveaway-hop.html
    lexie.bookbug at gmail dot com

  20. Katie

    Belle because she is actually smart and has her own mind and is not a follower of the village.

  21. chrissybelle

    I like Cinderella because she has to overcome a difficult situation not of her own making

  22. chrissybelle

    I like Cinderella because she has to overcome a difficult life and she does it with grace

  23. Shaina Jachim

    I love Ariel! I would love to know what it is like to be a mermaid! 😀
    Shaina Jachim

  24. Bonnie @ A Backwards Story

    I truly admire Beauty from Beauty and the Beast because she proves that love isn’t skin-deep and that if you look beneath the surface, you can find true happiness.


    Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  25. Lauren M.

    My favorite princess is Aurora, but I would have to say the best heroine is Belle or Cinderella. Belle didn’t let her fear overcome her, and Cinderella never let anyone ever get her down.

    Lmackesy @ gmail.com

  26. Krysykat

    I have to say Tiana from ‘Princess and the Frog’, she’s awesome.


  27. scribblesonthebackofjanuary

    Thank you, everyone, for participating in my blog hop! 🙂

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